Antonio Esfandiari: 2012 One Drop

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Description: Let's go back to 2012. Antonio and Sam Trickett are first and second in chips coming into the final table. After a long and tedious battle knocking out the other 6 players, Antonio had only Trickett standing between him and the largest prize pool in sports history. At the start of heads-up play, Antonio had already given himself a 3:1 chip lead. Heads-up play only lasted for 16 hands. Antonio had the button and raised 1.8 mil. Trickett called, and the flop came down J55dd. Tricket raised to 5.4 million, Antonio reraised to 10 million, Trickett tanked then reraised to 15 million, Antonio shoved all-in and Trickett called. Trickett revealed Q6dd for the flush draw, meanwhile Antonio was sitting on trip 5's with 75o.

The turn was 3h and the river came 2h. Bricked the flush draw, and just like that Antonio Esfandiari had just won over 18 million dollars. Incredible poker moment made sweeter by the incredible performance it took to make it happen. 


Player Information 

Antonio Esfandiari

  1. Originally from Tehran, Iran
  2. Age: 42
  3. Earnings: $27.8m
  4. Attitude (1-10): 10
  5. Great for poker? Yes
  6. Currently resides in Las Vegas, NV
  7. Skill Level of Poker (1-10): 10
  8. Would we want them at our table? Absolutely not, except for the table talk


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