Chris Moneymaker: 2003

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Description: This piece is from "Confidence Collection". The famous story goes back to 2003 when he was just an accountant. Chris Moneymaker went to this tournament not knowing it was going to change his entire life and change the whole game of poker as we know it. The moment the poker dream became a reality to millions of people across the world and a new wave of competitors came to play the great game. Chris Moneymaker won a seat to the 2003 Main Event from an $86 satellite and turned that into a $2.5 million score! This piece captures that moment! He's an incredible player, inspiration, and ambassador to the game. 


Player Information

Christopher Bryan Moneymaker

  1. Originally from Atlanta, Georiga
  2. Age: 46
  3. Earnings: $4m
  4. Attitude (1-10): 10
  5. Great for poker? Yes
  6. Currently resides in Nashville, TN
  7. Skill Level of Poker (1-10): 10
  8. Would we want them at our table? Absolutely not
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