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Description: This piece is from "The Bankroll Collection". Lev Veldhuis is most known from being a Twitch "Poker" Superstar, being the first streamer in the "poker" category to reach 100,000 followers! It's a huge milestone if you think about it. He always has a positive attitude and is a great role model for the tens of thousands of kids learning the game from him. He's a wizard.

Check out his stream at: 


He's on from 9am-5pm (CET) Tuesday-Friday and 12pm-12am on Sunday. 

Player Information 

Lex Veldhuis

  1. Originally from Vlissingen, Netherlands
  2. Age: 37
  3. Earnings: In the millions from online
  4. Attitude (1-10): 10
  5. Great for poker? Yes
  6. Currently resides in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  7. Skill Level of Poker (1-10): 10
  8. Would we want them at our table? Absolutely not, have you seen his clip from HSP 2009??


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