Liv Boeree: Moving Mountains

Product image 1Liv Boeree: Moving Mountains
Product image 2Liv Boeree: Moving Mountains

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Description: Liv Boeree is one of the most prominent female players in the business! She is the only female in history to win a WSOP bracelet and EPT event! Outside of her poker accomplishments, she co-founded Raising for Effective Giving, an organization that promotes a rational approach to philanthropy often referred to as effective altruism which as of July 2020 has raised over $14 million! She's an incredible human and we're lucky to have her in the poker community! 

 Check out her YouTube Channel and leave a like/sub on her latest video:

Player Information 

Liv Boeree

  1. Originally from Kent, UK
  2. Age: 37
  3. Earnings: $4m
  4. Attitude (1-10): 10
  5. Great for poker? Yes
  6. Currently resides in United Kingdom
  7. Skill Level of Poker (1-10): 10
  8. Would we want them at our table? Absolutely not
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