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Description: This piece is from "The Confidence Collection". It's Event 1 ($10k - NLHE) of the U.S. Poker Open, Sean Winter is facing off against Stephen Chidwick at the final table. He took 2nd in this event losing in a cooler situation where they both improve on the turn to a set and a straight. They get it in, Stephen Chidwick holds up to win that event. Regardless of the outcome, his attitude throughout the entire event was inspiring. You could tell his energy can brighten up any table he plays at. The team at PokerPaint envies how he is able to put aside the stakes being played and enjoy the moment! There needs to be more Sean Winters in poker! 


Player Information

Sean Winter

  1. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida
  2. Age:
  3. Earnings: $12.7m
  4. Attitude (1-10): 10
  5. Great for poker? Yes
  6. Currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida
  7. Skill Level of Poker (1-10): 10
  8. Would we want them at our table? Absolutely not
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