Tony G: I'm The Best

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Description: “I’m The Best” featuring Tony G, Mikita Badziakouski, and Luca Vivaldi during the 2019 Triton SHR Series Montenegro when Mikita straddled to 8k (Euros) in a 2k/4K game. Tony G raises to 22k w/ Kd9s, Ike Haxton c w/ JdTs and Mikita defends straddle w/ Qc7s (70k pot). Flop comes J-K-7. Tony G leads for 20k, both players call (130k). Turn comes a brick 2. Tony G barrels for 70k. Ike Haxton lets his middle pair go and folds. Mikita is feeling sticky and calls. River comes an 8. Tony G sees no fear and value bets 120k into 270k pot. Mikita’s senses were strong that Tony G had a weak hand, he reraises to 400k with just a pair of 7s. And Tony G doesn’t fall for the play, calls, and wins the over $1m Euro pot!
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