The story

PokerPaint started after seeing the lack of artwork in the homes of all of my friends who play poker for a living. So I've tried to capture some of the most significant moments. I kept writing down a few ideas every day, then the list became over 100 concepts and I knew I could start a business capitalizing in an empty space in the market.

I am also starting a Pizza ATM company serving university students in the DC Metro area. No one is more motivated to succeed than the man in the pizza costume! For the brand, I wore a pizza slice suit to the Borgata WPO Main Event back in January 2019. I didn’t win the event, but it was fun bluffing Joe Mckeehen a couple times before he sucked out on me. It upped the mood everywhere I went and that alone made it worth it. If you support entrepreneurs and helping me turn a couple ideas into billion dollar ventures, feel free to contact me! 

Partner Venture, En Route!

PokerPaint is partnering with SickNeedle, Co apparel creator to add more fun to the poker community. They will have extremely comfortable clothes with cool designs and phrases from the poker world.


2700 Dorr Ave #424
Fairfax, Va 22031


Monday - Sunday 12:00 to 8:00 Eastern

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