About Us

PokerPaint is an artwork company based out of Washington, DC. We see art as an echo of genuine human experience - and right now we can't hear the echo. 


The Problem- 

High quality art is often tens of thousands of dollars -- out of reach. Moreover, the stories fine art tells are not the stories of modern human experience - the grinder who puts in 60 hours a week on stream, the poker player studying and putting his bankroll on the line at big tournaments, the young professional who wants something they care about on their wall. Right now, the only kind of art that attempts to address these subjects is often lacking in craftsmanship and depth.


The Cause- 

Stratification of the art world. Most digital artwork looks more like a poster than a painting. The fine art world is developed enough to make art that comments on their own ideals and philosophies - while fertile for conversation, often fails to tell a story that the average person can connect with. But art SHOULD be for the average person - and if a drawing of Elon Musk or a creek in the mountains connects with you in the same way Monet can, the same level of diligence and care should be put into its creation. 


The Solution-

It's a challenge to find the middle ground between an ASAP Rocky poster and a first edition Rembrandt - but these realms of art do not have to be mutually exclusive. We think art should leave an impression on the viewer and connect with them. If things people care about are embodied in art that is created with professional craftsmanship, it will connect with the community. Your personal PokerPaint collection may give you a sense of motivation, calm, or a reminder of moments that bring you joy - maybe it just looks cool - but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder at PokerPaint. Art has no rules. 


We take the time to research and get involved with the communities we create for and use our best judgment on the work we produce. Character, credibility and most importantly, authenticity are inseparable from our mission. We decided to keep the moment special for both the creator and the customer by making and selling only 1-10 of each piece. 


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